Sunday, 17 July 2011

Aspen's Town Centre

Aspen's beautiful city is surrounded by breathtakingly stunning mountains, and the town itself is brimming with ridiculous affluence. Check out this quite wonderful public toilet in the centre of town:

See that vase? Those are real, fresh cut flowers, featuring a perfect white rose, and near the door you will spy a weaved basket containing paper towels. To ride the bus is free within the central area of Aspen, and it's the only town in the world I've been in apart from New Zealand where walking around the city barefoot did not make me highly suspicious of the pavement's dried urine and spit gob content with every step. In fact, I have to say, Aspen is definitely winning here.

Vintage cars and other beautiful vehicles are aplenty, as are former or aspiring trophy wife-type women with leathery tanned skin, wearing rather minimal designer dresses and flamboyant heels in the middle of the day, some of which look so perfect that they confuse you as soon as they turn around to reveal their too-colourful, post-middle-aged faces. These slightly scary people explain the abundance of the Gucci, Christian Dior, etc. shops that line the storefronts, and also the difficulty I had in purchasing jandals anywhere in Aspen. All I needed were some cheap flip flops, but the seemly simple search proved to be quite the fruitless mission. Eventually I bought some vintage looking thrifted sandals for $2. Thank you, Thrift Store of Aspen, I love you! And thank you wealthy people of Aspen, continue giving away your sweet stuff.



  1. Hey Christabel, I like your blog! Hope you're enjoying the USA, keep up the cool photos.

  2. Thanks Bella! Larry Radcliff and I talked about you :) Hope you're well!