Monday, 30 July 2012

Summer in Taiwan

 photo DSC_2662_zps80290231.jpg  photo DSC_2673_zpscd1c4c93.jpg  photo DSC_2568_zpsda2e291b.jpg    photo DSC_2552_zps75a21f61.jpg  photo DSC_2674_zps8dfe65c1.jpg  photo DSC_2539_zps08200684.jpg   photo DSC_2535_zps39961b2c.jpg  photo DSC_2638_zps5de4f70d.jpg
Early morning Taichung. Lunch with grandma. Frozen green tea and milk ice with mum. Noodle soup. My favourite: papaya milkshake. 'Watar': labelled for me in English by grandma. Taichung streets. Taiwanese bread with dried fluffy pork. City views.

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